The sound of NEVE has arrived at Summer Hill Studio

Posted By: Pete On:

When it comes to finished mixes, whatever genre, who is after a huge bottom end, beautiful well-defined detailed mids, perfect stereo placement, silky and smooths highs ?


This is the sound of NEVE.

Our new NEVE 8816 backbone mixer features 16 tracks of amazing Class A sound taken directly from the famous Neve 88R console. That’s the sound of countless hit records.

Practically the NEVE 8816 is an amazing little box. Mixer, monitor controller, cue bus, aux bux, M/S matrix, master inserts, etc. It is an amazingly useful and versatile piece of kit that will serve our studio and clients for many years to come.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and/or project and get yourself a bit of the sound of Neve !

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