Summer Hill Studio is a start of the art recording studio and project space for musicians, bands, composers, DJs and producers.

We cater for any level of skill and offer flexible rates to accommodate any budget.

Our professional studio services include:

  • Song writing, Composing (guided by our award winning resident producer Pete Mellor)
  • Live Recording, Tracking
  • Sound Design, Beat Making
  • Mixing, Re-mixing, Compilations
  • Mastering
  • Ad, Game, Film scoring
  • Voice over (English, German, Italian)

Our team has 25+ years experience in music production, sound engineering, mixing and mastering and is always on hand on-site and on-hand to help.

We are located just 20 minutes from London Bridge by train. There is ample onsite parking available.



Get in touch on 0207 117 2527 or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.


Peter Mellor

Peter started his musical career at the tender age of 6 when he gave his first classical piano recital of Debussy and Bach at his local conservatory in Vienna, Austria. Away from classical music, growing up in 1980’s Austria Peter’s musical tastes were heavily influenced by German New Wave, UK Synth Pop, Italo-Disco and Austro Pop.

What however stuck most was a brand new, emerging, style of hard and fast electronic music rooted in Detroit House that over time would be known under genre labels such as “Techno”, “Gabber”, “Acid”, “Trance”, “Rave”,…

By summer of 1989 Peter had formed a two piece outfit with his school friend called “Alien Clone” under which name they started to write and produce their version of techno/hard trance for local night clubs in and around the Vienna area emulating the big name DJ’s and groups performing at the famous “Dorian Gray” or “the Omen” clubs in Frankfurt at the time.

The effort culminated with the collaboration of the (yet unknown) group “Scooter” whom, inspired by Alien Clone’s signature beat and acid bass lines, went on to release gold/platinum selling hit records like “Hyper Hyper” or “Endless Summer” in the early/mid 1990s.

Fast forward 20 years, with the music industry having gone through a major digital paradigm shift, Peter outfitted a state of the art recording studio in South East London thereby founding Summer Hill Music in 2015, with simple aim,  to help a new generation of producer/artists launch their careers by leveraging space saving and cost efficient, modern, computer based production techniques. The old analog studio principles and techniques still apply. The business premise however  is that the modern music production process (whatever the genre) allows for small budget / top quality results like never before.

In 2016, after a chance meeting with Simon Ellis, a world renowned UK based producer of many pop hit records of the 1990’s and 2000’s, Peter convinced Simon to partner with him at Summer Hill Music and bring his wealth of studio experience, musical talent and music industry expertise to the fold.

Simon Ellis (www.simonellismusic.com)

Simon is widely regarded in the music industry as the best tour musical director in the UK and one of the most creative in the world. His work on the 2008 Spice Girls world tour was described as “Genius” by Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol and Pop Idol.

He is also an internationally recognized songwriter and producer with many hits under his belt.

He began his music career as a member of the band Ellis Beggs and Howard which led to him being the musical director for world tours such as Britney Spears 2009 Circus tour, Spice girls Girl Power and 2007 Reunion world tours, S Club 7, Belinda Carlisle, East 17, D:Ream and Jamelia.

Simon began songwriting in 1999 and his first hit was the S Club 7 song “Two In A Million”. He continued to have success with S Club 7 and was nominated for an Ivor Novello award for best song for “Never Had A Dream Come True”. He also wrote the UK No. 1 smash hit “Don’t Stop Moving”. The song went on to win a BRIT Award for Best Song and ITV Record of the Year 2001.

Simon has written and produced songs for many top artists including John Farnham, Randy Crawford, Emma Bunton, Steps, Hearsay, D Side, Javine, Maria Lawson, S Club 7 and others.

Simon’s latest venture has seen him join with his studio partner Pete Mellor to form a two-piece electronica band called “Shock And Awe”. The first album, self styled as “21st Century Tubular Bells”, is in the works and expected for 2018.


“All the gear and all the ideas”

Building on our 30 track record in the industry, we have consciously designed our studio to bridge the digital / analogue divide in the most useful way drawing on the strengths of both paradigms.

Our paradigm: “If it sounds good, it IS good !”

All our physical outboard gear, hardware synthesizers, controllers, pre-amps, cables, patch bays and such are hand selected and top of the range. All our converters are top of the range RME, UAD and Focusrite.

We run three dedicated high-speed servers across a Cat7 network to enable huge VsT track count at minimal latency.

We  offer access to most of the popular DAW platforms including Pro Tools 12, Ableton Live, Studio One 3, Reason 9, Logic (9 and X) and Reaper and Harrison Mixbus 32C all of which are controlled by our 32 lane Mackie MCU Pro mixing desk.

For the DJs among you we have Traktor (S4, D2 x 2) with Traktor Scratch Pro as well as Maschine Studio with Komplete 11 and facilities to hook up CDJs and turntables.

Our mixing capabilities include the entire suite of plugins from UAD, Waves and Slate including a number of vintage outboard units.

We also keep a bunch of vintage synthesizers around for those who like to noodle with waves forms and filters.

At the heart of our mastering chain sits a fully restored, vintage TEAC 2 track mastering tape recorder, for those who like to keep it old-school.


Get in touch on 0207 117 2527 or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.


To book, or to find out more about our services, get in touch on 0207 117 2527, use the contact form below, or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

We are always happy to help!

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